Plusia Roms is a Fashion Photographer &
Director based in London.

Plusia Roms is a Greek Photographer based between Paris & London. She embarked on a creative odyssey through the realms of Fine Arts and Fine Art Photography before transitioning to the world of Fashion. Upon her relocation to London, she delved deeper into her craft, studying Art Direction for Fashion at Central Saint Martins, where her passion for exploring forms, shapes, and movement was ignited.

Plusia's work focuses on the geometry of subjects, prioritizing the interplay between static and dynamic elements. This entails exploring the relationship between rigid spatial immobility and the organic movement of themes and textures within space. Her body of work draws inspiration from Japanese Art. She approaches her subjects as dynamic, living organisms, with her distinctive treatment of figures and shapes shaping her vision. Her work is distinguished by its adept use of mixed media and color processing, which are key elements in her expression.

With a keen eye for detail, Plusia continues to push creative boundaries within the industry.


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Représentation à Paris MARYAM B


Select Clients

Hermès, British Vogue, CREED, La Perla, La Perla Beauty, Vogue CS, Vogue Arabia, Fortnum & Mason, Diageo, Completed Works, Amelie Maison d’Art & others

A full client list and commercial portfolio is available upon request.