Plusia Roms is a Fashion Photographer &
Director based in London.


Influenced heavily by the serenity and sunlight of her Cretan home, Plusia’s work holds a unique aesthetic that pulls on myriad philosophical themes. Her creative narrative has blossomed through years of practical experience within visual arts.

Plusia’s body of work appreciates the minimalism of Japanese art, in particular its simplicity and subtle beauty. She explores the human body as an active and living organism in conversation with a garment - it is her unique approach to figures and shapes that build up the foundation of her vision.

Plusia dedicates a particular space to well-being and psycho-analytical literature within her artistic research, bringing awareness to the universal Purpose of Life.







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Représentation à Paris MARIE DATHANAT





Select Clients

Harrods, Grazia Malaysia, La Perla, Vogue Arabia, Hermès, Kinn Studio, Amelie Maison d’Art, Net-a-porter

A full client list and commercial portfolio is available upon request.



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